Cells are the fundamental units of life. These soft yet carefully organized structures give rise to diverse processes, unfolding across multiple length and time scales. Examples include the recognition and response to environmental conditions, dynamic change of shape, and communication. These and many other cell-wide processes are governed by innumerable components, and involve highly nonlinear couplings between them. Thus, one of the main challenges in describing physical aspects of any living system is identifying an appropriate level of abstraction, one that captures the essence of the biological behavior. In our research we focus on the cellular level. We model cellular environments by following physical and chemical principles, and explore the emergence of diverse biological phenomena in such models. In pursuit of these goals, we study a broad range of topics in Soft Matter and Biological Physics, utilizing a variety of methods spanning theory, simulation, and experiment. Our interdisciplinary research lies at the interface of physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, and computation.

Open position

We are looking for a creative Postdoctoral Fellow and/or PhD student interested in theoretical aspects of living cells. The project will focus on the close connection between action potentials and nonlinear sound waves that cause a reversible phase transition in the medium.
  • Required qualifications: We are looking for candidates who are passionate about Biological Physics, open to interdisciplinary research, and are scientifically rigorous. Basic experience with continuum mechanics models is needed.
  • Location: The beautiful Mount Carmel above the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.
  •  Contact information:  mmussel - at - sci.haifa.ac.il